Flock never really caught me

A reasonable answer to a statement like the one in the subject, could be: Whenever it is me who have failed or the software… – It takes, on the other hand, two to a tango. Which means, that I might be a lazy son of a bitch, but on the other hand – it might be a special kind of persons, who can keep an interest in link communities alive.

Have you tried it? – There are a lot of services like it – embedded in software, plugins or on webpages. Have you tried it, or any other of the other link sharing communities? One of the most fameous ones is: http://del.icio.us/

I guess that the reason that I lost my interest for it, was that I had to go through a lot of crap, to really find anything worth while – even thou thousand of other users do think that this or that link is marvellous. The idea about sharing the best on the net is great, but I dont think that it works.

I would like you to share your thoughts on it!

Mr Rask

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